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 Alter Ego Effectors DM-MG Damnation
Limited Edition Concept Art Pedal
Mint In Original Box With COA

A sequel to the Dragonfly Black Metal Pedal. Both pedals may looks similar, but both have an entirely different sound and graphic concept.

Type: Guitar Distortion Pedal
Release Date: July 2011
Number produced: 1692 Units Worldwide
(The Year Of The Salem Witch Trials)
Current Status: Sold Out. No Longer In Production.


Agony = Level
Curse = Treble
Doom = Bass
Wrath = Gain
Power Source: 9vdc pedal adapter or 9v battery

Overall Sound:

Warm, full, tube-like tone. Heavy crunch. Not a cold, sterile, modern Metal tone. Slightly dark character. Well suited for "Stoner Rock" and classic 80's Metal tone. Works well with bass guitar also. 

Reviews and comments for the
Alter Ego Effectors Damnation concept pedal:

"Hexed with raw and gutsy tone, this pedal sets souls on fire!"
V***3 - ebay member, from U.S.A.

"I can make various sounds from NWOBHM to Grindcore! Amazing Pedal!"
-Matsubara, Guitarist, Gridlink/Mortalized, from Japan

"Stratoblogster approved! Plenty of Doom & Gloom for the Money!"

"Very good seller! Alter Ego Effectors Damnation Rules!"
K***U - ebay member, from France

"Picked it up today and I am very happy with it, looks and sounds great!"
F***I - ebay member, from United Kingdom

"Sounds like my Marshall but driven HARD. Blends well.
Not digital sounding at all."
T***1 - ebay member, from U.S.A.

"Fantastic product-Excellent Communication-FAST shipping! Thanks A++"
A***L -ebay member, from U.S.A.

"Very fast shipping, great pedal. Thanks."
M***3 -ebay member, from France

"Amazing product with incredible sound!!! Very nice product! A+++++"
"Best distortion ever!"
C***Z -ebay member, from Brazil

"The DM-MG 1692 is amazing! I'm using it with my band. This is the sound I was looking for!!! Thanks again!"
Alessio, Alter Ego website customer, from Italy

"Got the pedal yesterday! Sounds awesome! Riffs are really chunky!"
David E., Alter Ego website customer, from U.S.A.

"4 days from USA to England! Amazing and what a beast of a pedal 10/10!"
M***7 - ebay member, from United Kingdom

"The pedal arrived yesterday, it sounds incredible. It looks stunning and you can see the quality of the craftsmanship that's gone into it. Cheers."
Kevin, guitarist, Immanentize The Eschaton/ Mary Jane Hi Guys
from United Kingdom

"Just wanted to drop you a line about how much I love this pedal!!!!  It came the day we were doing a show and I popped it in the chain and didn't need much time to get used to it. It was exactly what I was looking for.  You all have done a great job making this and your customer service seems to be excellent.  We're going to start recording some more songs and I am totally psyched about using it."
Steve Mahoney, Guitarist, from U.S.A.

*All opinions expressed here are from actual customers and various press/blog write-ups, not Alter Ego Effectors.

Additional Alter Ego Effectors Info:

Alter Ego Effectors Mission Statement: Thinking outside of the stompbox.

Alter Ego Effectors team with only the World's best OEM musical instrument companies in order to create strictly limited edition, collectible, concept art pedals. Our mission: Modest effector pedals that already exist, shall be rethought, regenerated, and thus, reborn. We give high quality, yet often unsung effectors radical visual, as well as total conceptual redesigns. We take these pedals to a place that was never intended by their original designers. The end result makes for an entirely new, highly unique, effect experience. We do not modify the OEM effector internally. Our primary focus is to develop new and unusual ways of visually presenting electric guitar pedals. This is achieved with the use of bold and symbolic artwork. The process is more than a simple rebranding. We approach these effectors from a different perspective. The objective is to totally redefine the pedal's purpose. It is to awaken and explore an existing effector's alternate potential. Our concept pedals are fully authorized by their OEM companies. The OEM nature of our effectors allows us to offer our customer an exceptional quality, specialty pedal, all without the sometimes high "boutique" price. We create effector pedals that are not intended for everyone. We produce effectors that many of the big companies would never dare. Our goal is to provoke thought and to inspire musical creativity.

If Alter Ego pedals can somehow inspire you with their sounds, as well as their looks, then they are doing their job. It's really as simple as that. We view our pedals as electronic art. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do!
Alter Ego Pedal Features:

Alter Ego concept pedals are all strict limited editions and are not sold in stores. They are only available directly through Alter Ego Effectors online mailorder and 9v-dc ebay store.

All pedals come with a full one year warranty provided by Alter Ego Effectors. Our commitment to the customer does not end after the sale.

Every pedal comes with a certificate of authenticity, hand signed by the pedal's concept designer.

Each pedal also features it's own unique, sequentially numbered,
holographic security seal.

All pedals are tested and inspected in the U.S.A. before shipping to the customer.

Additional info:

Alter Ego Effectors are independently owned and operated. The OEM companies that supply Alter Ego Effectors in no way endorse, or share the views of
Alter Ego Effectors.

All new Alter Ego Effectors retail prices do not exceed their OEM company's comparable product's MSRP.

All pedals are sold in random numbered order. You will not know what pedal number is yours until it arrives at your door. 

Alter Ego Effectors may release the same pedal graphic with several different color schemes, but once each limited edition sells out, no more pedals will be produced with the exact same color scheme.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to email us your questions.
We'll be happy to answer them all!

Please see our FAQ section for more info about our pedals.

Alter Ego Effectors

Thinking outside of the stompbox.


Arlington Heights, IL. U.S.A.

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